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Well well what do we have here folks? Looks like an ending to Kid Icarus doesn't it? Yet its probably one you've never seen before. Yeah I finally got the "Pit turns into a Specknose" ending I had heard about some time ago in the Japanese version of Kid Icarus. Thanks to this excellent guide on Gamefaqs by Ultimortal. This is one of the best FAQs for the game you will find if not the best. The information on how to get it appears near the very end of the faq. (Section 15)

This ending wasn't so much removed from the US version, as it had just simply been "bumped" off so to speak. The US version had gotten a brand new best ending, and this pushed all the other endings downward, making what used to be the second to worst ending in the Japanese one, now the worst period. I gotta say this ending is ridiculously mean spirited. You go through the trouble of saving the goddess, and because she doesn't think you're "hip" with high enough stats she turns you into a hideous specknose human hybrid for the rest of your life in thanks for saving her. What the hell. Oddly enough this ending is also far more difficult to achieve than the best ending. You have no idea how irritating it is getting through this game with just 2 strength.

More on early Nintendo stuff later tonight.
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